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Give your Live Chat account some love this Valentine’s Day

Give your Live Chat account some love this Valentine’s Day

Here are nine quick and easy ways to give your account a tune-up:


1. Update your users list

We know that staff can come and go - so updating your users list to make sure it reflects the users that are still with you, can be a nice quick win and get that spring clean off to a good start.


2. Update your primary and contact information

Relationships are important - so there’s no better time to cherish a good relationship by making sure our account managers and finance team have your correct contact details to keep you informed and up-to-date. 


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3. Review predefined replies

They say the key to a good relationship is communication - so it’s important to make sure that the information your operators are communicating to your visitors is the right message to send, the information is up to date, and any changes have been applied.


4. Organise your end categories

Good relationships succeed by making time for one another - by making sure your end categories reflect your business, and those you added previously are still relevant, this will help your operators close chats quicker and your managers analyse the reports easily. Saving everyone involved some valuable time!


5. Review auto navigate pages

Make sure that your operators have current pages to access, by removing any inactive or incorrect pages and updating any that redirect. It helps everything run a lot more smoothly.


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6.  Review scheduled reports and set up any new ones

Make sure you say all the right things, by ensuring the information you need is sent regularly to your email address, without clogging it up with unnecessary old reports. Out with the old, in with the new!


7.  Review timings of proactive invitations

The average time that people spend on your website can change depending on the strength of your marketing. You can influence this by ensuring you have a proactive invitation displaying to your visitors at the right time, and then regularly reviewing it by checking the accept/decline rate. This allows you to adjust the invitation to a time within the average duration - hit them too early and they may not be ready to chat, hit them too late and they will have left the website. It’s all in the timing!


8.  Set-up or review hotspots

Here’s another exciting new one for you. By taking the time to set-up or review your hotspots, you’ll be able to know when your visitors are on your crucial pages. This gives you the opportunity to analyse their behaviour and increase your opportunities to convert them, and any stale pages can be unallocated. Spend some time getting to know your visitors’ habits!


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9.  Review your window and button designs

Our last tip is great if you are using templates, as you can integrate the chat further by making it look your own. By reviewing the designs of your buttons and windows, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on them and improve - for example if you’ve recently changed the look of your website and want to reflect that style. Give your chat a Valentine’s makeover!


So there you have our top nine ways to show your Click4Assistance Live Chat account some attention this month. By giving it some love with a few tweaks and updates, both you and your visitors will reap the benefits of a new and improved solution.


For more information or a free demonstration on how to add chat to website and improve your visitor’s experience, give our team a call on 0845 123 5871 or email

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