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Mayday! Add Chat to Website in Preparation for Bank Holiday Shopping Sprees

Mayday! Add Chat to Website in Preparation for Bank Holiday Shopping Sprees


May is a great month! The weather is beginning to turn warmer and we are graced not by one but two bank holidays, to sit back and relax. Even if the retail industry is having to work them there are also benefits to reap.

Consumer Expenditure During May

The amount spent in the retail industry increased by 1.8% in May 2015 compared with May 2014. According to non-seasonally adjusted data, in the retail industry the average weekly spend was £7.1 billion compared with £7.0 billion in May 2014

Online sales in the retail industry across the UK hit £44.97 billion in 2014 this was a 15.8% growth from 2013, 2015 also saw a boost due to a washout weekend affecting store sales but increasing online sales by 16.2% to £52.25 billion. And it doesn’t stop there, 2016 online sales are expected to grow by 18.4% across Europe reaching £185.44 billion.

Add Chat to Website to Increase Online Sales

With online sales consistently growing year on year, your website should be at its most powerful to convert every visitor into a sale. Add chat to website to maximise your company effects on converting every opportunity:

•           Intervene before carts are abandon with Pro-Active Invitations

•           Upsell with the use of Auto-navigate

•           Identify which representative got a sale with Conversion Tracking

add chat to website


Device type is also a big contributor to online sales, with mobile devices including smart phone and tablets having a 9.9% increase with 28.6% of expenditure in 2015 coming through mobile ecommerce. When you add chat to website, the Click4Assistance solution is fully customisable and mobile responsive, with buttons sized accordingly, windows will shrink to fit any mobile device perfectly, giving a seamless experience to the visitor, helping them to ask questions and purchase online in the same session.


With the bank holidays in sight and consumers expecting to spend more online, now is the perfect chance to add chat software to website and into your sales strategy.  Taking less than 10 minutes to put in place, your representatives will be confident converting every visitor by the first bank holiday and they will truly be experts by the second.

Click4Assistance have been working with online retailers for over 10 years, with the likes of Bonmarché and Harvey’s implementing online chat software to maximise on sales. Speak with our experienced team about how your company can add chat to website in time for May bank holidays on 0845 123 5871.

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