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Beginners Guide to Live Chat Software for Websites

Beginners Guide to Live Chat Software for Websites

A big problem with online shopping is that there is a disconnect when it comes to human interaction. Everything is silent and in many cases, even sullen. There is nobody around to provide answers to crucial questions. The customer has to take his or her own initiative, go through various sections of your website, find the right answers, and provided that he or she can find the right answers on your website, he or she makes up his or her mind whether to purchase from you or not. Add to these thousands of distractions happening around the person in the physical world as well as digital world and these are the countless challenges your website needs to counter if you intend to make some sales.

A live chat solution can solve many of these problems.


Online help chat cuts to the chase and focus on the core issue


Normally there are 4 types of people coming to your website:


  • Casual visitors just looking for some information.
  • People who are looking for exactly what you have on your website.
  • People who are looking for something similar to what you have on your website.
  • People who have already purchased from you and are either looking for after-sale support or intend to buy from you again.


Do you know that all these 4 types of people are great business opportunities for you if you have live chat software for websites installed on your site?

When you engage people in conversations using a live chat solution they remain focused. Of course they are already focused if they have some issue that needs to be resolved but if they are casually looking for some information or if they are simply wondering whether they should buy from you or not, you need to help them remain hooked to your website and not get distracted or swayed.

How do you do that?

First, if they are looking for answers they are already 75% hooked. All you have to do is provide them the best answers and even if they don't purchase right away, they will certainly turn into good leads.


Want to provide real-time convenience to your customers? You need live chat software for websites


Normally when you have a live chat solution installed on your website with a chat button prominently displayed, your prospective customers will most probably contact you from the very page they are facing some problem on. If you have prior information about that page, you already know what problem the person might be facing. Click4Assistance live chat software for websites also comes with advanced web analytics capabilities. What are these?

With off-the-shelf live chat software for websites when you approach someone you are in total darkness. You simply know that someone is there and you need to approach the person. This is not the case when you engage people using the online help chat from Click4Assistance.

By the time you start engaging the person you have all the information that can possibly be gathered without overtly bothering someone or infringing upon someone's privacy. You know the person's geographic location. If he or she has logged in using a company account you also know which business he or she represents. The analytics tool will also tell you from which page the person has entered your website and for how long he or she has stayed on individual pages. This can be very crucial information. It will tell you the path the person has followed and what information he or she might be looking for or needing without even realising.


Live chat software for websites can help you identify, convert and nurture visitors into customers

As you go on using our live chat software for websites the data that you gather from the toolbox dashboard will help you accumulate intelligence regarding the movements and behaviour of your visitors. These movements and behaviour can help you identify opportunities.

For example, you begin observing that most of the people who go to your shopping cart and place orders visit a particular section before that. It means this section is a deciding factor. You can set up automatic triggers so that you can prompt chats with people visiting this particular section. This way you can convert more people into customers and if not customers, then at least leads.

Online help chat is the most cost-effective way of keeping in touch with your visitors

The live chat software for websites from Click4Assistance is not just affordable it is also completely scalable. In fact the trial version doesn't even cost you a penny and you can use the entire slew of functions available in the premium version. So go ahead, explore the greatest interactive feature that you can install on your website and start making more sales right now.

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