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Bolsover Cruise Club Switches UK Chat Box for Website Provider

Bolsover Cruise Club Switches UK Chat Box for Website Provider

The Cruise Agent was already familiar with advising travellers instantly on their cruising plans via live chat; however the organisation wanted to switch suppliers but remain dealing with an UK provider.

Due to different data protection laws and regulations it can be risky having customers data stored in other countries. It can also be difficult to receive full support from international suppliers who are not located in the same country.

Bolsover Cruise Club Requirements

From experiencing live chat previously, not only did Bolsover Cruise Club know they preferred having an UK provider, they also knew exactly how they wanted live chat to work for their large sales team. The Cruise Agent required that the chat system works in line with their phones, so when an incoming call or chat occurs the next available representative can take it. Requiring multi-skilled employees not multitasking ones allows them to continue delivering a higher level of service to the visitor as they have done previously for the last 50 years.

It’s important that having any system integrated into a current set up fits in with the business needs and processes. An off the shelf product may be completely suitable for some organisations, however larger corporate businesses prefer to have flexibility over the integration as it can impact on how well a staff member can perform which can reflect directly on the service provided to visitors. The Click4Assistance solution is very flexible to organisation’s needs and has included enhancements based on customers’ feedback and suggestions.

Configuration and Design

Part of Bolsover Cruise Club’s requirements -that the solution has met- is the functionality to enable a representative to log into the application as unavailable by default. This allows them to settle into the office in the morning, perhaps responding to emails, catching up with their manager or even getting their morning coffee, once the representative is ready to start handling chats they can switch to available. They can provide a better service if they are ready to chat as their full attention is on the visitor rather than being distracted.

When all operators are unavailable or logged off the chat button doesn’t display. This prevents visitors from being disappointed they couldn’t speak with a representative and allows the Cruise Agent to provide a more personal service with their team at the end of the phone, chat or in person at the Cruise Centre and the Cruise Holiday Shop to answer travellers’ enquiries.

Bolsover Cruise Club are very proud of their company’s history and achievements, by changing live chat providers they wanted to ensure that they could reflect their branding on the visitor facing aspects of the chat system. They were pleased during their research to see that Destinology had switched providers easily and had their own customisation that fits seamlessly with their website design.

The Cruise Agent’s website is very rich with imagery and navigation to their cruise deals, therefore, the chat button has a sleek feel to complement the website; however, the wording helps the button to stand out by simply making visitors aware that if they have questions they can talk to Bolsover Cruise Club’s representatives. The windows fit in with the colours used for the buttons on the homepage. Showing a consistency between the website and communication channel helps visitors identify they are speaking with the Cruise Agent rather than a third party.

Click4Assistance looks forward to the continuing partnership with Bolsover Cruise Club. If your company is looking to switch providers or implement live chat for the first time contact our team on 01268 524628 or email for more information.


Author: Gemma Baker
Gemma is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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