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By Failing to Prepare, You Prepare to Fail

By Failing to Prepare, You Prepare to Fail


As hubs of innovation and intellect, universities should embrace smarter methods across their entire institution, not just in the lecture halls.

Are you and your team performing to the best of your ability or are you being hampered by inadequate tools and clumsy manual processes?

In the coming months your workload is scheduled to become overwhelming with constant interruptions from enquiring students.

If you feel that student enquiries could be handled better, then consider mentioning live chat software as a solution to the decision makers within your department.

Our current extended trial offer is due to expire, but you still have a chance to take advantage of it. Explore the benefits of resolving multiple enquiries simultaneously, rather than dealing with a queue of students one-by-one over a phone line. Click4Assistance includes real-time, weekly and monthly reports so that you can review the progress of the trial at a time that suits you. Everyone loves a solid ROI, so why try a more modern, more efficient and less expensive channel for engaging with tech-savvy students.

Remember, Click4Assistance is 100% customisable and can fit seamlessly into the design of your existing website. This includes the windows that appear before and after the chat, so you can ask for the most pertinent information before the chat begins, such as their UCAS ID. You can also edit the feedback form that appears after the chat to gauge student satisfaction with your live chat service. To summarise, the live chat software is efficient, affordable and accountable for its results.

As mentioned in our previous blog, we are fully UK-based team that offers a wide range of professional services, including chat window design, implementation and optimisation consultation, and user training. Like universities, we work hard to maintain an impeccable reputation through a 99% up-time that we achieve by choosing a high-tech hosting facility and being situated nearby so that we can immediately respond to any issues.

We already work with universities across the UK and rely on customer-driven development to pave the way to new functionality. In the last year alone customer feedback has seen us introduce transcript-customisation, enhanced spell-checker functionality and a new sticky chat button. Whether you’re considering Click4Assistance or have been with us for years, we are open to your ideas.

With the busy summer period around the corner there’s no need to go through the stress of last year.

If you are interested in running a more cost effective university office and would like to see live chat in action, then contact one of our University Coordinators for a demonstration on 0845 123 5871, or initiate a chat with us.

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