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The evolving digital public services and the important role real-time chat applications can play

The evolving digital public services and the important role real-time chat applications can play

Technology is interminably playing an important part as more and more services move to the Cloud and when it comes to providing real-time help, information exchange and assistance, real-time chat software applications have been at the helm for a long time now. No doubt more and more government departments are deploying live chat facilities on their websites and they have become an integral part of the overall Government Digital Strategy.

The primary focus of the event is going to be on how technology and information sharing can drive better services.

Here at Click4Assistance it is our constant effort to make information exchange and communication as seamless as possible because as the overview of the event rightly states, being "Digital" doesn't just mean moving every possible service online in order to increase sales. Yes, using live chat software on your website does save you money but it is more than that. It is about making communication simpler, clearer and faster. When there is a need to communicate, people should be able to communicate. Whether you're running a business, an educational institution, a non-profit organisation or a health care centre, ease of use and timeliness is of greatest importance when it comes to solving people's problems and providing them the needed information. This is what the true Digital Strategy entails – making communication as immediate and easy as possible.

The benefits gained by govermental departments using live chat software

Real-time chat – a paradigm shift in the way communication takes place in the digitally connected world

Government departments are adopting the "digital" with greater alacrity compared to businesses these days because their primary purpose is to serve people. Every government department has its own website that you can access from the comfort of your home or from one of your smart devices. In fact the hallmark of the 21st century has been the digitisation of our day-to-day activities.

Our real-time chat application includes a plethora of features that makes communication between multiple individuals highly effective. It's not just about serving customers and clients. It's a many-to-many communication tool. You can provide assistance to people who need your help. You can distribute important documents via various chat windows. You can talk to your colleagues round-the-clock. You can exchange highly sensitive information without worrying about falling it into wrong hands (all our real-time chat communication happens with 256-bit encryption at Click4Assistance).

The website chat software shows you from which geographic location the person talking to you has logged on to your website. It will also tell you which pages the person has already seen and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages.

The overwhelmingly important role of real-time chat during emergencies

The efficiency exercised by the various government departments during states of emergencies is of vital importance and this is the time when the phone lines are mostly clogged up. So this is the time when you experience the actual efficacy of real-time chat applications. You can open multiple windows and respond to multiple queries at the same time. You can quickly distribute relevant documents through the chat windows without the other person having to wait for a long time. Instead of calling you, people can use their smart phones to chat with you easing the phone networks in the process. You can use canned responses to save important information like helpline numbers and important URLs so that they can be immediately provided to people seeking them.

A clear strategy about adapting to the digital age via real-time chat and other technologies

Government agencies often have to interact and coordinate across multiple departments and multiple agencies. There are both benefits and dangers of shifting many services to the digital realm and these are the points that are going to be discussed in the "Digital Public Services: Reshaping, rethinking and rewiring services" event. The event is going to be held on July 1, 2015 between 8:30 AM-4:50 PM.

Now that we're talking about government agencies, there was another show that has just taken place. It's called "The Public Sector Show 2015" and it is took place on Monday. The 35 hours of sessions covered key issues such as Procurement, ICT, Finance, Facilities, Property & Energy, HR and Fleet, among many more.

Was website chat software discussed during this event? We suggest it should have been because seamless communication is the underpinning of every major public sector enterprise.

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