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How to make Online Chat Software work for your Business

How to make Online Chat Software work for your Business

The statistics indicate that it has the potential to not only transform online service to your users but also increase sales and opportunities for your business.

It’s important that you ensure that several processes and protocols are running smoothly to maximise the potential of online chat software.


Training Staff Effectively

Online chat software is highly effective but it’s also important that your staff are trained thoroughly on how to use the software and the toolbox.  Your staff also need to know your website inside and out if you’re running an ecommerce site as customers are often looking for product information and advice on what to buy.  Web chat is instant – and this is the number one reason why customers prefer to use it – so customer service staff need to be able to respond equally quickly and concisely.


Effective Hours

Web chat can be available 24/7 on your website.  However, unless your staff are available to take online chat requests 24/7 then you need to manage expectation and utilise the facilities within the chat button to make it work for you.  When there are no customer service agents available or your offices are closed, you can set the software to take messages or remove the chat application visibility altogether.  Some online chat software, such as Click4Assistance, also operates a mobile application that enables you to take chats while you’re on the move from a smartphone or suitable device.  Perfect for SMEs.



Online chat software can operate intuitively by issuing standard prompts or initiating messages when customers hit certain ‘hotspots’ on your site – awaiting a response from a customer.  Occasionally these messages can be perceived as following a standard format by customers so ensure that when your service staff do interact with users that their style is natural and conversational.  Customers like to know they are engaging with a real human being.


Use Online Chat Software to boost your Profile

Web chat software is a great way to boost your customer service and sales but don’t forget to remind customers about your social media and other products while you’re talking with them.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get a Facebook like or a new Twitter follower, you could even build a link to your social media platforms into your chat window.


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