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Online Chat Facility Improves the Efficiency of your Call Centre

Online Chat Facility Improves the Efficiency of your Call Centre


An online chat facility allows them to speed up their response time whilst maintaining the quality of their responses by having predefined replies or canned answers which they can edit before sending to ensure the best answer is sent to any given question.

If the callers have their questions answered quickly, using the chat on your website, correctly and the first time, in which the question is answered, their satisfaction is much higher than someone who has had to wait in a long queue, been transferred to various different departments and ends up with an incomplete answer to their question.  The efficiency of the operative and Call Centre will be remembered by the caller enhancing the reputation of the Local Authority.

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Queries range from odd to amusing

Another example of how live chat services are invaluable in Call Centres is if they get asked a question which is a little out of the ordinary.

Representing more than 370 Councils in England and Wales, The Local Government Association (LGA), have released some of the more bizarre conversations. These include North East Lincolnshire Council being asked to count geese due to an allergy to feathers, and someone looking for lost holiday love in the ward of Somerset County Council. 

Call Centres are essential to outstanding delivery of Council services. Upon receiving these calls Local Authority Call Centre representatives will always try and answer in the most helpful way they can, including directing an elderly resident to her local supermarket to purchase a shopping trolley. 

"These light-hearted examples of calls highlight the variety of issues that Councils deal with every day – from the slightly amusing to the outright bizarre." Cllr Peter Fleming, Deputy Chairman of the LGA

Why is Click4Assistance the preferred live chat service provider for many Local Authorities?

Click4Assistance, the UK’s premier live chat service provider, offers a cost effective communication channel for Local Authorities.  The cost of implementing live chat for website often does not require a lengthy tender process and can be implemented through your small contract procurement procedures making it easy to implement. 

Local Authorities already using our online chat facility such as Buckinghamshire and Redcar & Cleveland have reported savings in resourcing, and increased satisfaction among their residents.  They are able to handle enquiries into their Call Centres much quicker and more efficiently with live chat services being their preferred channel of communication for their operatives. 

For more information about how to add chat on your website, contact one of our Local Authorities Coordinators for a free no obligation software, without the pressure to subscribe on Tel: 0845 123 5871 or email us on or start a chat at

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