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Live Chat Tools Provides A More Simple Way of Communicating

Live Chat Tools Provides A More Simple Way of Communicating

The US is The Chattiest!

More than 80% of companies that use chat support software, are US based. Then followed by Mexico, Europe and Canada. This Is mainly due to early adoption by the US and the size of the Market. But the UK are catching up.

If live chat software were to win any medal, it would definitely be a gold one for efficiency! Operators can talk to several clients at the same time without leaving them in phone queues for long periods. This reduces resourcing costs and increases customer service satisfaction. 90% of customer service chat sessions were rated ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’.

The Facts sign live chat tool

Loyalty is the key to sustainable growth! According to the Loyalty Marketers Association, live chat software is a significant tool for collecting marketing information through website traffic. Gathering data about visitor behaviour gives organisations a much better understanding of the customer base. These companies can make their website easier to navigate so the clients find it simpler to use.

A live chat tool should be operated with SSL encryption which is as safe as a payment page on a website. This ensures any negotiating between the operator and client will be kept confidential and safe. Using a hosted solution simplifies data storage for companies concerned about compliance, storing the transcript off premise in a secure location.

Survey results show if companies don’t offer a chat support software, only 57% of customers would try to email or phone. As many as 43% would leave the website! Organisations that have not added live chat to their website would potentially lose customers and revenues.

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