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How Service Providers can Encourage Consumers to use Chat Integration Software

How Service Providers can Encourage Consumers to use Chat Integration Software

Chat Visibility

Firstly, the chat button should be noticeable, if visitors can easily ignore it, they won’t start a chat. Where possible, it is best to have it on all pages of the website so that visitors have access to the communication channel as they browse, however, this is not always realistic due to the strategy in place or which departments are funding the service.

If the button cannot be positioned on all pages, ensure it doesn’t blend too much into the background or become hidden by content on the page. Organisations can also include multiple designs of chat buttons to increase visibility.


Card One Banking's Chat Integration

Card One Banking implemented chat across their website to assist customers when opening an online current account. They decided to use a variety of buttons to complement their website design.

Proactive Chat

Another way for organisations to bring attention to their chat service is to ask the visitor into chat. A Proactive Invitation is the digital equivalent of a shop/branch assistant asking if they can help the customer. An image inviting the visitor to chat is displayed based on the time the visitor has spent on the website or which pages have been viewed. The visitor can decline the invitation or if they accept it, they are directed straight into chat.


KC's chat integration proactive invitation

KC has designed their Proactive to replicate the look and feel of a dialogue window; therefore the visitor can easily identify what the invitation relates to. They proactively display it on their website based on how long the visitor has been browsing for, to offer help during product selection. Asking for their name on the invite helps operators to personally address the individual as soon as the chat starts.

Well-designed Chat

It is advisable to customise the visitor facing aspects of the chat service in line with your organisation’s branding. This shows consistency throughout your website and visitors are confident they are speaking with your representatives rather than a third party.

However, if your windows haven’t been designed well it can put visitors off from continuing into chat.


UKPN and other Service Providers Chat Integration

UK Power Networks have given their window a sleek and unique feel with the shaping used, keeping it consistent with their branding and including their logo, something the other two large providers haven’t done.

Promoting Chat

Organisations will use many forms of communication when conversing with their customers. Ensuring your buttons are noticeable on your website is just one method of encouraging visitors to chat; however, there are other ways that visitors can start a chat without even being on your website.


Many providers will supply invoices and other communication via email directly to the customer. A chat button can be included within your design for your email templates.

Chat integration into Mailchimp

Social Media

Organisations use social media to reach many consumers in a short amount of time. The link to your chat channel can be included within these platforms bio sections, call to action area and even your posts.

Chat integration into social media

Call Waiting Message

One Call Direct has a large contact centre that wants to reduce the impact on their telephone lines. Whilst callers are waiting to be connected to a representative, the automated message mentions that they can also get their enquiry answered by live chat, and offers a discount if they use chat for certain types of enquiries, such as updating their details held on record.

One Call chat integration

TV, broadband, mobile phone, utility and bank providers have the biggest challenge of supplying great customer service to their visitors. By promoting their chat integration these companies can work to digitalise their interactions and increase visitor satisfaction rates.

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Author: Gemma Baker
Gemma is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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