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Is the Telephone Call Now Playing Second Fiddle to Website Chat Software?

Is the Telephone Call Now Playing Second Fiddle to Website Chat Software?

Research has shown that most adults have their mobile phone within 5 feet of them.  We all use them more.  However, the one thing we don’t use them more for is making telephone calls.  Younger people especially rarely call each other, preferring instant messaging and texting.  Generation X and Y individuals are 20% more likely to message a friend than telephone them.

One advantage of messaging over telephoning is the ability to multi task. This includes continuing to browse as well as engaging in multiple chat sessions with different people.  This has also led to the demise of the telephone landline.  Over half of US households don’t have a landline for the telephone.

The growth of messaging is now beginning to find its way into the business world. 

One natural element of this is website chat software as a means of business messaging and customer support.  Adding web communications in the form of live chat software to online stores gives business the opportunity to convers directly with younger people in many cases.

There is even evidence that younger people are unlikely to use the phone to make contact in the event of a query or service question.  In this event it’s almost imperative to have live chat software running online to ensure that this type of consumer is able to engage with your business.  This includes offering email support as well as having a robust social media strategy.

It’s likely that web based communications such as website chat software will grow strongly as younger generations become adults.  This makes it more important for businesses to offer website chat software as it will be the most natural way to engage.  It also has significant cost saving and operational advantages for businesses over traditional telephone services.

If you’d like to investigate adding live chat software to your website contact Click4Assistance today.  Our team will be to assist you.  Click here for further information or speak to us online.

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