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Three Web Chat Software Tips

Three Web Chat Software Tips

As web chat software providers we receive a variety of questions about our technology this time of the year, both from new universities who are considering live chat software and from universities who are already Click4Assistance customers and want to get the most out of their solution. As a result, April is the month when we remember the advantages of being a UK-based company and why the University of Liverpool, Glyndwr University and Southampton Solent University are just a few UK academic institutions that have chosen Click4Assistance.

Click4Assistance was established in the UK over a decade ago, making us the longest-standing UK provider of web chat software. During this time we have learnt that we enjoy an almost limitless amount of benefits when it comes to credibility because we are a UK registered company. The latest Companies Act from 2006 (the largest bill ever to go through UK parliament), which took almost 4 years to come into full effect, reassures our customers that we adhere to stringent and modern UK regulations. We do not outsource our work or run a part of our operation overseas in order to exploit loopholes in tax or employee’s rights. This means that you will speak directly with a member of the team at our UK headquarters when you call our number. Holding a UK Certificate of Incorporation demonstrates that we take our business seriously.

Throughout our ten years in the business we have introduced a policy to provide our university partners with a dedicated University Coordinator. These members of our team have a firm grasp of the academic calendar and are therefore in the best position to advise you on your web chat software implementation. The end of April marks a busy time for our academic specialists as they help universities prepare their resources for the summer rush. Below are some of the most common recommendations that you will hear from our experts:

Don’t Dedicate

This is one of the biggest imaginary hurdles that universities see when considering live chat software. Resources are tight for education organisations and the idea of hiring a dedicated resource to deal with web chats is unappealing. The thing is, you don’t need to hire an additional team member or dedicate someone full-time to live chat. The nature of web chat software allows for your office to get on with their usual duties alongside chat support. The features built into the software ensure that they can manage their chats efficiently.

Efficient Multitasking

Yes, you can carry out other duties while answering student questions in chat. But, more importantly, web chat software allows you to streamline processes that your team would usually have to complete manually. For example, integrating web chat software into your CRM system will record details of the chat automatically with the click of a button. This saves your team from having to write up notes and enter them into the system manually. Likewise, if a student requests more information on a topic, you can send the file while still in chat. This is a much better solution than them requesting the information over the phone, only to have your team member send the relevant document by email.

Get Cost-Effective

This one should be obvious given our last two points. Your Accommodations, Admissions or other student-facing administrative departments spends less time handling queries and produce more first-contact resolutions in fewer hours of work than phone or email. A properly configured web chat software implementation can alleviate phone support and create more time for other duties.

Our UK-based University Coordinators are here to work with you for a more efficient and cost-effective office. To see exactly how we achieve this with our current universities, contact us today on 0845 123 5871, via email at or through live chat.

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