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Web Chat Software for Retailers Sets Trends for Other Businesses to Follow

Web Chat Software for Retailers Sets Trends for Other Businesses to Follow

It is now conceivable that it will soon be used as the primary method of communication with customers, overtaking the phone and email.  This is in part due to the low cost of implementation but also down to the high levels of customer satisfaction with regard to its usage.

Financial institutions - as well as other service industries - are now realising the benefits of web chat, particularly because of the heightened expectations from customers who have used it when interacting with ecommerce sites.  With users browsing for products and shopping online, as well as banking on the go, there is now a real need for fast, one to one customer service direct to mobile smartphones, tablets and other devices.  With regard to banking, live chat software can enable individuals and businesses to get answers and help for multiple queries at once – with customer service agents able to advise on statements, withdrawals and even loans while customers are on the move.  It’s this convenience and speed of reply that is attractive for banks and other financial institutions.  Web chat software can get customers answers to often complex queries very quickly as the customer service representative can access the user’s history and details at the click of a button.

In the past, banks have trialled bespoke secure messaging systems

Web chat software is able to bridge the gap between that vehicle and having the customer details ready and available for users.  It can even make live video chat available that adds a more human touch similar to a more old-fashioned relationship with a bank manager at a local branch.

The early adopters within the financial services industry are likely to be the winners as customers begin to expect help and assistance online in the form of live and mobile chat.

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