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Website Chat Software Increases Conversions at Point of Sale

Website Chat Software Increases Conversions at Point of Sale

In online terms this is directly at the point the user or customer is checking out or has placed items in their shopping basket.

A frequent frustration for online shoppers is not being able to find all the items they want to purchase.  This can be for many reasons e.g. a site’s search function not working effectively enough or if the customer is struggling to navigate through the site to find all his or her desired items.

The direct result of the above frustration may be that the customer exits the site leaving the items in the shopping basket 

Website chat software has the ability to directly save a sale such as this with immediate and informative intervention.  This is particularly true if, for example, you operate in a saturated market with many other etailers competing for the same sale.  The user has the ability to exit your site and search elsewhere.  Indeed, users often have more than one site and checkout open – comparing prices and delivery options.  This is why positive customer service in the form of live chat software is so important, especially if you have worked to get your customer on your site in the first place.

The interaction between users and your business via website chat software has the opportunity to brand strengthen via positive customer service as well as cross and up-sell in many instances.  Very few other forms of online customer service have that immediate capability.  Think also of the positive effect this can have via social media where customers are all too quick to pass on criticism and spread negative comments about online businesses.

Research also backs up the positive aspects of live chat software for websites

44% of online consumers attested to the view that website chat software is one of the most positive service tools that a business can add online.  Online chat systems are also very natural for the internet savvy generation with smartphone applications and devices well equipped to engage in this way – convenience being the name of the game online.

If you’d like to find out what website chat software can add to your online business, speak to our team about trialling our software.  Click here for further information

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