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Website Chat Software grows as a Customer Service tool

Website Chat Software grows as a Customer Service tool

More and more users are now browsing and purchasing online using tablets, smartphones and other devices.  Often, these users need advice quickly and conveniently via the medium that they are browsing from.  Unless an email is received back super-fast, or the customer has the time and ability to make a call, the opportunity can easily be lost.  Website chat software empowers business owners with the ability to reach out to online consumers instantly – providing support, queries on products and even the ability to direct consumers to alternative products and help.


The speed with which businesses can respond via website chat software also provides valuable hand-holding for impulse buyers or new visitors to your website. 


This is invaluable for not only SMEs or smaller businesses, but also larger ecommerce sites.  Online chat software provides that very much needed support within the technology that your customers are now using.


Although telephone support, email and ticketing still offer valuable forms of customer service, live chat is now significantly touching users at the point of sale – offering reassurance, genuine assistance and answering queries that customers may be pondering but not yet asked.  No other form of customer service can offer that level of depth and information.


Click4Assistance was one of the early pioneers of website chat software in the UK.  This experience and expertise is helping businesses right across the UK to provide enhanced levels of customer support – in addition to more traditional forms of customer support.


The implementation of our website chat software is straightforward and our support team will guide you through the necessary stages and provide training.  There are different packages available for businesses at different stages of development – you can choose the level right for you.


You can also try our software before you purchase and see the benefits it can bring to your business or organisation.  Opt for a 21 day free trial with no obligation – click here

to download our live chat software and try it for yourself.

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