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Add live chat to website to be always there for your customers

One of the biggest gripes of people who do online shopping is that once they have purchased something it becomes very difficult to get hold of people who can provide after-sales service. You can solve this problem to a great extent if you add live chat to website.

Normally what happens is, if you purchase something from a shop or a retail store and later on if you come across a problem, you can either call the shop or the retail store and if that doesn't solve the problem you can always visit because there is a physical place to go to. Of course you can also call if you have purchased something online but the problem is – since most of the websites are run from different locations, even across the globe sometimes – it can be a logistical nightmare to get the purchased item repaired or replaced. Despite that, since many big e-commerce websites make it a point to get the items replaced as soon as possible, people are open to doing their regular shopping online. Still, when they need help, they need it immediately and if you add live chat to website, this problem can be solved to a great extent.

Add Live Chat To Website

How you help your customers and clients when you add live chat to website

When you add live chat to your website you immediately become accessible to your visitors, prospective customers and clients, and existing customers and clients. A great thing about adding live chat to your website, especially from Click4Assistance, is that there are multiple modes of reaching out to you. For example, your visitors can

  • Click the chat button and start chatting with you
  • Leave a message so that you can get back to them later
  • Immediately access canned responses in case the question is already been asked multiple times

Even after initiating a chat session, they can

  • Do text chat
  • Do video chat

It's a matter of great importance that people can get in touch with you when they need your help. Whether they are seeking some casual answer or they are really stuck, just the fact that you are just a click away is a great confidence booster. 82% online shoppers have said that their perception immediately changes for good when they see that a live chat has been added to the website and there is actually a person who is waiting to provide help.

So how do you help your visitors as well as customers and clients when you add live chat to your website?

You can prepare canned responses to most of the questions that pop up frequently. This way you don't even have to intervene. The moment your visitor starts typing in the question, the answer begins to appear – if it exists. This increases efficiency and reduces scope for error.

When you add live chat to your website from Click4Assistance, you also get 256-bit encryption security so people can easily exchange confidential documents with you (PDFs and Word documents). In case they don't know how to use their credit card to make payment you can simply accept their credit card details through the chat window (remember that exchanging confidential information is totally secure).

From your end you can also control which pages are displayed to your visitor. For example if he or she cannot figure out how to go to a particular section on your website, from your end you can redirect his or her browser to that particular section. This can be a great help for people who cannot figure out how to access certain pages on your website.

Is it difficult to add live chat to website? Not at all! You can do it right now

Adding live chat to your website is very easy. You don't need programming knowledge and if you don't want to customise much, you don't even have to hire a programmer or a web designer. Even if you need some basic level of customisation at least right now you can add live chat to your website and start engaging your visitors and then later on when you experience its power you can either hire someone to customise our live chat software according to your website or you can do it yourself. Just register yourself and within 5 minutes you can add live chat to your website.

Add Live Chat To Your Website


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